About the expeDITA Content Collaboration Tool project

This is an "expeDITA CCT in a nutshell" project description.

The Darwin Information Typing Architecture represents best practice structures for topic-oriented information. You can think of a DITA topic as kind of "templated HTML" web page that is developed with specific content and user goals in mind. This project enables DITA content to be developed collaboratively in a Web interface.


The expeDITA Content Collaboration Tool project was developed in 2010 by Don Day (Learning by Wrote owner and Chair of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee). The initial release had two goals: to be a practical demonstrator of the feasibility of using DITA as the native source for a collaboration tool that could support wiki-like uses, and to enable easy DITA content creation with very little up front training about DITA.


This project defines a walk-up-and-use, wiki-like experience designed to encourage the widest possible deployment of basic DITA writing capability across new communities of users, whose requirements can help drive additional DITA tools and services.


The DITA Content Collaboration project demonstrates a number of features that exploit DITA capabilities.

  • Direct, single-pass rendering of DITA content (the overall view, the topic, the navigators, etc.) to the interface
  • The ability to render conref-hinted content (although authoring such content requires help from the editor that needs to be added)
  • The ability of a single editor to handle multiple DITA types, including maps and specializations (to the degree that the structure can be "dead reckoned" by the in/out transforms)

User Guide

To be developed on this site in a user-oriented group (whereas "site docs" is a developer-oriented group).


See the Acknowledgements topic for specific recognition of reused ideas and examples.

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This Help stub is an actual DITA document, rendered on the fly into this interface. Functions coming soon!